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ICT Environment, Innovation policies and International cooperation report (October 2014)


Information and Communication Technology is a rapidly growing sector and one that could have major contribution to the economy in terms of exports and employment, thus improving the National income. The sector of information technology and communications (ICT) is one of the few, where the Republic of Moldova is making good progress. This fact is confirmed by national assessments and global ratings. The ICT contribution rate in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country is about 10%, with a market value of over 6 billion MDL annually

Every second citizen is an Internet user, more than half of households have at least one computer connected to the Internet. In terms of Internet access speed, Moldova ranks among the top-20 countries in the word. Pavel Filip, the Minister of Informational Tehnologies and Communications said "We are obliged to apply innovative applications on and put them in the service of the people. Moreover, being a country with no raw materials, we must understand that our potential is people and their knowledge. Therefore it is good to have people well trained in information Technologies".

The efforts, made by the Republic of Moldova in recent years in order to boost the ICT infrastructure development, have contributed to the very good positioning of the country in the international ratings (International Telecommunication Union, World Economic Forum, Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations, World Bank, etc.).

One of the weak sides of the ICT industry was the discrepancy between demand and supply of ICT training, consulting, systems integration, support and information services. This however has changed with the establishment of Cisco Networking Academy, Microsoft IT Academy, Moldovan Association of Private ICT Companies, QLab Moldova.

The demand for ICT consulting and outsourcing is increasing during the last years. Gradually Moldova is turning into one of the attractive outsourcing destinations in Central and Eastern Europe. There are around 70 companies offering outsourcing services.

Some important ICT Associations:

Moldovan Association of Private ICT Companies (ATIC) -
Association ESI-EE Quality Lab -
Information Society Development Institute (ISDI) -
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science -
Association of Moldovan Programmers - (AIM) –
Association of IT Specialists of Moldova (ITA) -

The ICT Governance System in the Republic of Moldova is monitored by the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communication and the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology.

Many research organizations and universities are active in ICT R&D. All R&D national projects, addressing the ICT area are implemented through open Calls, organized by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Actually the R&D activity in Moldova is regulated by the Law - Code on Science and Innovations, adopted by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova in 2004.

The Government announced the development of the ICT sector as a priority, since it also represents an irreplaceable democratic element since it ensures the transparency of the governance process and creates a favorable investment climate. According to the vision of Digital Moldova 2020 Strategy, until 2020 about 80% of public services will be available on the internet and 60% of citizens will be able to use digital signature.