Support Collaboration

  • Create a publicly accessible on-line database (Competence Platform) for the promotion of the research interests and achievements of prominent ICT RDT&I organisations and experts from the EECA region

  • Organise networking activities in EU and the EECA countries

  • Exploit the Cluster partners' wide network of contacts in EU Integration of EECA organisations into relevant European networks, ETPs

  • Organisation of a promotion-publicity campaign in EU and EECA region

  • Creating sustainable "ICT Communities" in areas of mutual interest and added value to link and bring together in cooperation key actors from both regions and, thus, supporting the development of strategic partnerships;

  • Bridging EU-EECA research and industrial leadership, by facilitating and strengthening the cooperation between European Technology Platforms and relevant EECA stakeholders and initiatives


List of the EECA Cluster past and upcoming activities

  • Networking session during the ICT2015 event