Increase Awareness

  • Organise info-days and training sessions in all EECA countries to share insight on emerging opportunities under H2020-ICT

  • Communicate the research orientation of RDT&I programmes funded by the EECA countries that foster the involvement of EU research and industrial actors and encourage, stimulate and support the formation of international consortia.

  • Set up a publicly accessible Help Desk to offer guidance and support related to the procedures of participation in H2020-ICT

  • Offer hands-on support to EECA researchers towards their involvement in EU-funded projects Creation of a web portal acting as an on-line source of relevant information


List of the EECA Cluster past and upcoming activities

  • Training sessions in the EECA countries

Country 1st round
2nd round
Armenia Yerevan, 30/09-01/10/2014 Yerevan, 28/09-02/10/2015 
Azerbaijan Baku, 14/11/2014 Baku, 01-02/07/2015 
Belarus Minsk, 23-24/09/2014 Minsk, 22-23/09/2015 
Georgia Tbilisi, 11-12/09/2014 Tbilisi, 10-11/09/2015 
Kazakhstan Almaty, 23-24/10/2014  tbd
Kyrgyzstan Bishkek, 23/06/2015  tbd
Moldova Chisinau, 15-16/09/2014 Chisinau, 14-15/09/2015 
Russia Moscow, 27-28/10/2014  tbd
Ukraine Kyiv, 18-19/09/2014 Lviv, 22-23/09/2015
Uzbekistan Tashkent, 12/05/2015  tbd