EECA-2-HORIZON Consortium

  • Q-PLAN INTERNATIONAL Ltd - Greece Open or Close
    Country: Greece
    Contact person(s):

    Mr Kostas BOUGIOUKLIS - bougiouklis [at]

    Mr Iakovos DELIOGLANIS - delioglanis [at]

    Phone: +30 2310 411 191
    01 Q-PLAN International logoQ-PLAN is an innovation and management consulting company that focuses its activities in the facilitation of case-based strategic partnerships as well as the development and implementation of Management Systems, where is the market leader at national level with more than 700 certified private and public sector clients from the ICT as well as other sectors. The company's clientele includes research and industrial actors and has led to the formation of strong linkages with key stakeholders and market leaders. Q-PLAN also provides hands-on support to start-ups and SMEs in the design and implementation of their R&D and innovation strategies as well as in the elaboration of their strategic plans where Q-PLAN is an expert in adjusting and forming business plans according to national particularities, structural barriers and opportunities. Finally, the company possesses valuable know-how and expertise in the design, management, co-ordination and monitoring of European research projects, support actions and policy studies in various scientific fields, including ICT, Transport, Health, etc. Overall, Q-PLAN employs more than 25 highly-skilled personnel and retains an extensive network of experts in EU-27 and EECA countries.
  • inno TSD - France Open or Close

    Country: France
    Contact person(s):

    Mrs Svetlana Klessova - S.Klessova [at]

    Ms Soraya Bernard - S.Bernard [at]

    Phone: +33 (4) 92 38 84 13

    02 INNOInno TSD, located in Sophia Antipolis, France is a part of inno group, one of Europe‘s leading consultancy firms in innovation and economic development, specializing in particular on strategic development of S&T organisations & commercialization of R&D results. inno TSD has particular focus on international R&D collaboration and EECA countries (running project in South EECA and willing to develop further its activities). Inno TSD has >20 years experience. inno Group set up a patent commercialisation agency in Germany for a consortium of 8 research organisations and universities, and coordinate a large number of FP7 projects, especially in the field of ICT, and implements a large number of studies and projects for the European Commission, European national and regional governments and other public and private clients, e.g. CEA (French Atomic Energy Authority), EDF (Electricity of France), ETSI – European Telecommunications Standards Institute, and many others. In addition, inno has been implementing a number of projects in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

  • National Association of Research and Educational e-Infrastructures "E-Arena" - Russia Open or Close

    Country: Russia
    Contact person(s):

    Mr Marat Biktimirov -  marat [at]

    Mr Philip Kazin - pkazin [at]


    +7 499 1352598, +7 812 457 1806

    03 e-ARENAe-ARENA was established in September 2009 as a legal body for coordinating efforts of different organizations within the Russian Federation in creating and developing the e-infrastructures, including networking and grids at national and international level. Its objective is to be the legal body for the Russian National Research and Education Network (NREN) and National Grid Infrastructures (NGI) representing consortia of organizations operating on networking, grids and other e-infrastructures. Hence, it was established by three major networks for science and higher education in Russia:

    The Russian Institute for Public Networks (RIPN,, which operates the Russian Backbone Network (RBNet)

    The State Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications "Informika" which operates the Russian University Network (RUNNet)

    The Joint Supercomputer Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (JSCC), which operates the Russian Academy of Sciences Network (RASNet).

    The Joint network NREN infrastructure includes more than 500 universities and research institutions in 56 regions of Russia and unifies Russian organisations involved in GRID and supercomputing research and provides information and telecommunication environment for the institutions conducting research in different scientific areas.


  • Belarusian Institute of System Analysis & Information Support of Scientific & Technical Sphere - Belarus Open or Close
    Country: Belarus
    Contact person(s):

    Dr Tatyana Lyadnova - tlyadnova [at]

    Phone:  +375 17 2031016
    05 BELISA logoBELISA is acting under the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus (SCST), ranked as the Ministry for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI). It is a branch institution providing the SCST with the analytical support and information for developing the state policies in STI. To fulfil its mission, BELISA:

    Has created and operates several national e-resources e.g. National Register of R&D Projects and data base of international projects, as well as databases on scientific potential (organizations and experts) and S&T developments.

    Is carrying out monitoring of the National Innovation Development Programme.

    Organises annually more than 20 international events in STI cooperation (e.g. seminars, conferences, exhibitions, Days of S&T&I) both in Belarus and abroad.

    Starting from 2004 BELISA is the National Information Point for the EU programmes of RTD (FP6 and FP7). Meanwhile, according to the decision of the SCST, it coordinates activities of the national FP7 NCPs' network and acts as a National Contact Point for FP7-ICT, Mobility, Research Infrastructure and INCO.

  • Non-governmental organization “Agency of European innovations” - Ukraine Open or Close
    Country: Ukraine
    Contact person(s):

    Mr Ivan Kulchytskyy - kul.ivan [at]

    Phone: +38 050 9292396

    AEI is a non-profit innovation consulting organisation aiming to boost the R&D cooperation between EU and Ukraine (and consequently the broader EECA region) in key scientific areas, including ICT, within FP7/HORIZON 2020 and ENPI programmes. AEI is a member of the Community Board of the State Agency of Science, Innovations and Information of Ukraine and the Contact Point of the Ukrainian western region for Scientific-Technical Cooperation with EU and the NCP for FP7-ICT in Ukraine. AEI's main services include:

    Promoting cooperation and knowledge transfer between public authorities, scientific research institutes, research organizations and industry for an effective market uptake of research results through innovative products and services.

    Conducting scientific research and education activities on innovation performance and creativity.

    Scientific-methodological consultative support for bodies of state administration, local self-government, state and non-state institutions and NGOs in order to optimize their work.

    Elaborating scientific, educational, social and other databases in order to accommodate information exchange and enhance joint programmes / projects implementation.

  • Institute for Informatics and Automation of the National Academy of Sciences - Armenia Open or Close
    Country: Armenia
    Contact person(s):

    Mr Levon Aslanyan - lasl [at]

    Phone: +37 41 02 84 435

    06 IIAP logoIIAP is the leading research and technology development centre of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (NAS RA) in domain of applied mathematics and informatics, implementing ICT in areas of science and technology, in different state and societal programs. The Institute has become the leading force in ambitious State programmes of developing Information Society and Information Industry in Armenia, while undertakes international collaborative efforts for the development of advanced telecommunication networks and services in Armenia:

    Designed and created the Academic Scientific Research Computer Network of Armenia (ASNET-AM, and currently operates the network infrastructure. ASNET-AM is a member of Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association.

    Initiated and now operates the national distributed computing environment in Armenia within the "Armenian National Grid Initiative - ArmNGI" foundation. The ArmNGI is a member of European Grid Initiative.

    Is a member of several associations such as the "Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association" ("TERENA"), the European Foundation, the International Desktop Grid Federation, etc

    Is the Cluster, GRID and cloud technologies centre of excellence in Armenia and the National Contact Point for FP7-INCO and FP7-ICT.

    Organises (since 1997) the biennial "Computer Science and Information Technologies" international conference which constitutes the major scientific event in Armenia

  • Regional Innovative Technologies Academy - Azerbaijan Open or Close

    Country: Azerbaijan
    Contact person(s): Dr. Tofig Babayev - tbabayev [at]
    Website This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">
    Phone:  +99450 2125913
    7.RITA logo Red

    The Regional Innovative Technologies Academy (R.I.T.A.) was established in 2003. The Academy renders ICT consulting services and supports participation of ICT organizations and institutions in EC projects, and carries out IT trainings both in Baku and regions of Azerbaijan. R.I.T.A.’s experienced staffs (including certified specialists of IPMA) have been taking part in implementation of more than 10 international UNESCO/UNDP projects and 8 ICT projects under EC Framework Programmes since 2003. R.I.T.A has created a database, containing information about most of IT Scientific Institutions and specialists, has good contacts with most regions of Azerbaijan and this gives the opportunity to broaden its activity on the dissemination of information about Framework Programmes/ ICT programme.


  • Center for International Projects - Moldova Open or Close


    Country: Moldova
    Contact person(s):

    Mrs Elena Zamsa - zamsha.elena [at], elena.zamsa [at]

    Mrs Svetlana Mihalachi - lmihalaki [at]

    Phone:  +373 – 6813 5745
    9.cip logo ENG

    The Center of International Projects (CIP)  is a public institution of the Academy of
    Sciences of Moldova which promotes and manages bilateral and multilateral programs in science and innovation launched within Cooperation Agreements between ASM and various international organizations and foundations. Since its inception, CIP has managed around 250 bilateral projects under Cooperation Agreements with the National Funding Authorities from Belorussia, Germany, Russia, France, Italy, Romania and Ukraine.CIP provides managerial, technical, financial and legal assistance to members of Moldovan scientific community, Moldovan Diaspora members, including consulting activities, seminars, trainings and other activities in the framework of international and bilateral projects. During 2010-2012, CIP is officially nominated as: (1) the Host Organization of the Moldovan FP7 National Contact Points Network to support and coordinate its activities as a whole structure, (2) responsible for assurance of participation the Official Representatives and National Experts in the FP7 Programme Committees, (3) support organization for the activity of Representatives of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova in the European Institutions in Brussels within the Moldovan Office for Science and Technology and (4) EURAXESS Services Bridgehead Organization, Mobility Centre and Local Contact Point.CIP is involved in realization of several projects such as: PICTURE project(2011-2014), TOP II EURAXESS Network project (2012-2014), in carrying out some activities related to the organization of Pilot Joint Calls within SEERA-EI, Black-Sea ERANET and ERA.Net RUS Plus projects.


  • Georgian Research and Educational Networking Association - Georgia Open or Close

    Country: Georgia
    Contact person(s):

    Prof. Ramaz KVATADZE - ramaz [at]

    Phone: +99 532250590

    09 GRENA-New-LogoGRENA was founded with the purpose of joining efforts of Governmental organizations working in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). That is why the founders of GRENA are state universities, Georgian National Academy of Sciences and Open Society-Georgia Foundation. The main activities of GRENA are:

    Development of the computer networking infrastructure and implementation of new services to connect educational and research institutions of Georgia, as well as international organizations working in education into unique information system.

    Ensuring connectivity of local networks with international ones.

    Support the development of ICT systems in educational and research institutions.

    Conducting training and support of users, as well as assessment monitoring and certification of education.

    Organizing special thematic workshops.

    Promoting and supporting the ICT development in Georgia in general.

    GRENA provides IT services to approximately 50 research and education institutions in Georgia using its own infrastructure and innovation technologies. Development of projects is conducted in cooperation with universities with the support of European Commission, NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme, UNDP, Open Society - Georgia Foundation, International Science & Technology Centre, etc.



  • National Agency for Technological Development JSC - Kazakhstan Open or Close

    Country: Kazakhstan
    Contact person(s):

    Mr Timur SHALABAYEV - timur.shalabayev [at]

    Ms Taneliya Dautbayeva - taneliya.altayeva [at]

    Phone: +77172517024

    10 NATD logoNATD is an institution of technological development in the Republic of Kazakhstan operating under the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of Kazakhstan. It was created to assist in the coordination process of innovation development and provision of government support measures in the Republic of Kazakhstan. In this framework, NATD is one of the key institutions in the country established to assist innovation development as a core strategic objective in economy development in Kazakhstan and contributed to the development of the "State Programme for Industrial-Innovation Development 2010-2014" (Law "About state support for industrial-innovation development"). The main activities of NATD are:

    informational and analytical support for innovation,

    development of the commercialization system,

    development of an effective innovation infrastructure,

    administration of service tools designed to support innovation,

    investment support for innovative projects,

    promotion of innovation processes.

    A key objective of NATD is to support the implementation of innovative projects, develop technoparks and business incubators in Kazakhstan, as well as facilitate technology transfer and links between academia and industry at both national and international level. In fact, four (4) actively functioning regional technoparks were initiated with the participation and supervision of NATD.