EAST-HORIZON will apply appropriate and comprehensive mechanisms and an electronic platform for achieving collaboration actions with a holistic approach to ICT Research and Development activities, so as to support two principal objectives:

SUPPORT THE DIALOGUE BETWEEN THE EU AND EECA REGION at whatever level conducted and inwhatever forms this dialogue takes. To this end, EAST HORIZON will mobilize the most influential and knowledgeable people and Institutions and will provide the necessary tools for an efficient continuous collaboration.

RAISE AWARENESS AMONG EECA ORGANIZATIONS ABOUT H2020, to this end EASTHORIZON will raise awareness by focused events where it will provide a deep insight of H2020 challenges,priorities and any known Work Programmes, Information Society (IS) Policy Co-operation activities, as well how all the above fit into the Digital Agenda for Europe. EAST HORIZON will bring opportunities in EECAnational ICT R&D activities for EU Researchers to participate to the spotlight, this maintaining reciprocity of actions. It will also raise ideas from the region and bring them forward, in this way supporting the EC in preparing Work Programme 2016-2017 of H2020 with a view to maximize international cooperation.

ADOPT A HOLISTIC APPROACH TOWARDS ICT R&DEAST-HORIZON will bring together ICT research institutions, Information Technology Industrial companies and key ICT Users in each country, to maximize impact on ICT research collaboration and to foster the wider and more holistic promotion of innovation. It will link tri-partite (Research, Industry, Users)focus Groups with ICT R&D policy makers to influence policies and to shape or strengthen business links between the EU and the EECA countries Information Technology Communities.